SOAPs is a sub membership of the shooting club, designed for the senior section of our members aged 60 years and over.

SOAPS pay a reduced membership free but will still receive all the current membership benefits and discounts.

Our SOAPS Club is open to both Ladies and Gentlemen.

Look out for the new section for SOAPS on our notice board which will give you up to date information.

Group tuition available on the first Thursday of every month starting at 9.00am & 10.15am.
Pre-booking is essential to avoid disappointment 01234 708893.

Maximum group size is 7 which includes instruction and clays, but does NOT include cartridges. Any numbers over 7 will be split off into a separate group.
Each month will specialize on a particular target or discipline i.e. Tower, Teal, Rabbit, Crosser, Sportrap, Skeet etc.