Series of Six Lessons

Just starting out on your shooting career? It is likely that there are targets you can hit, day in day out, however, link them with another, either on report or simultaneously, is the story the same? Maybe it is a single target that just proves to be illusive.

It’s likely that your shooting has progressed, and you are hitting more and more targets, then you plateau. All your mates may very well be full of opinions as to why you miss, but do they know the cause, can they find a solution, and will it be one that lasts?

A series of six lessons, that you can put in the “bank” here at Sporting Targets, will provide a solution. We will give you additional discount if you buy six lessons. You can take them when your shooting requires that boost, to get you off that plateau, and progressing again.

Our objective is your objective, share this with us and we will focus on you being able to conquer those nemesis targets. We will give you phrases and advise that you can take away and put into practice outside each hour session; so, you can make sure your nemeses are conquered, for good.

Call for more information and we will match you with the right Instructor/Coach.


DofE Award Scheme 

For those looking to do their Duke of Edinburgh Award and looking at their skill activity, we can offer Clay Target Shooting which fits into all the awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold

All our instructors are Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) qualified and Academy Coaches. We will follow a syllabus that takes you through all you need to achieve for the respective award.


CPSA Certified Shotgun Skills Course

A one-day course aimed at anyone wishing to take part in clay shooting or game shooting, to acquire a gun, or novices who have recently acquired a shotgun. It covers personal and range safety, shotgun types and use, cartridges and chokes. There is also a practical session on the CPSA method of shooting. The course includes loan guns (if required), ear protection, eye protection, all clays and cartridges.

Please call John for more information on 01234 708893