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1. Firearms Act Compliance: I declare that I am not a prohibited person under the provisions of section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.

2. To abide by CPSA codes of safety and conduct.

3. No alcohol is to be consumed before shooting.

4. No children under 8 years will be admitted unless by specific previous arrangement.

5. Dogs are to be on a lead at all times on the complex.

6. Sporting Targets reserve the right to cancel and/or postpone events due to weather or other reasons beyond their control.

7. Members are welcome to bring and entertain non-member guests, such guests will be required to pay the “Green Fee” for the day. Members are responsible to Sporting Targets for the behaviour of their guests at all times.

8. Sporting Targets or its representatives reserves the right to alter or amend Club Rules, for the benefit of the Club, without recourse.

9. Members must produce their Membership Card whenever booking to shoot.

10. In the event of any dispute arising, the decision of Sporting Targets Ltd. will be final and binding.

11. This Company will not accept responsibility for injury or damages to property or howsoever or wherever caused.

12. Members must accept the required standard of good conduct and clean dress.

13. Certificates must be presented for the purchase of cartridges to be taken away from Sporting Targets.

14. You are personally responsible for the safety of guns and other personal possessions whilst on the premises.

15. Either party without reason may terminate the membership. In this event, and whatever the circumstances, reimbursement for the residual membership period may be made.

16. Previously booked Groups take precedence in the Dining Room. All facilities will remain available whenever possible.

17. Membership Cards are non-transferable.

18. Persons not holding a current Certificate must be accompanied by a Certificate holder or a
member of staff.

19. The Directors of Sporting Targets must be made aware of any medical condition that may compromise the CPSA or Sporting Targets codes of safety.

20. Safety glasses & hearing protection must be worn whilst on the range. Hats are advised.

*Membership Cards and the benefits thereof, are not transferable and pertain only to the named member(s).