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Ruby Fibre Optic Bead - 120mm - Orange

Improve your shotgun shooting speed and accuracy with a RUBY hunting bead. Ruby is a luminous shotgun bead suitable for all light conditions.The bead improves your shooting by giving you a simultaneous view of the target and the luminous point.It allows you to aim with both eyes open: the luminous point indicates the firing axis.You will find you get a significant gain in visibility in weak light or against a dark background or a back ground with little contrast. Brilliant for beginner and experienced shooters alike.

Product Details

  • Suitable for use with all shotguns
  • Length helps in low light conditions and is popular with wildfowlers.
  • Excellent for clays too
  • Also perfect for dusk and dawn aerial wing shots as the fibre will be glowing nicely with only a blue ribbon on the horizon.
  • Forces correct head alignment on stock
  • Faster target acquisition
  • Instantly improve accuracy
  • Simple attachment using an adhesive strip.
  • No adjustment, your aiming height remains unchanged

Colour Choice
The choice is mainly personal preference though many clay shooters go for red and game for green. Orange is favoured by those who find seeing red and green a little difficult.