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Pilla Panther X6 Post 32/45/69 - Black/Silver Frame

Pilla Panther X6 Post Max 3.0 Kit 3 lens kit comes with 32MXB 45MX 69MWN & a BlackSilver Frame.

Product Details

Pilla Panther X6 Post Max 3.0 Kit 3 lens kit comes with 32MXB 45MX 69MWN & a Black/Silver Frame.


PILLA VX 2 Filtration - The latest MAX ORANGE technology using Pilla ZEISS ChromaShiff. A 600% boost in target orange. For the shooter looking for a light bulb effect on orange targets. The lens boosts while enhancing contrast with our new Bronze Filter.


PILLA VX 2 Filtration – Medium Lighting Max Orange lens engineered to accelerate the resolution of Orange and Pink 600% while enhancing contrast of the target edges. Very vibrant yet relaxing to the eye. Great registration of a black rimmed target and the under belly of a target.


The 69MWN is a specialty lens designed to enhance target resolution in flat grey light while maintaining a high level of contrast on the target. The lens uses Pilla ZEISS ChromaShift and our neutralizer to accelerate the most valuable pieces of the visual spectrum to boost the target registration while killing the elements that create visual noise or what a shooter sees as a soft edge. Low light highlighting with serious visual acuity.

The Panther System is the result of our collaboration with 26 Times World Champion George Digweed MBE (Panther X6) and World Champion Max Michel (our latest introduction the Panther X7). We engineered the first generation of this frame system back in 2001 and launched the design into the market in 2002. The design directive from George was quite simple, “create a pair of glasses that is like not wearing a pair of glasses.” Since it’s introduction the Panther System has become the industry standard for the professional competitive clay shooter. In 2015 we have launched the Panther X7 platform using an optical correct high wrap mask. All Panther systems use our proprietary PILLA VX lens science developed by ZEISS and are available in 3 different lens curvatures and sizes and have an adjustable nose bridge as a frame option.

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