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Pilla Panther X6 Post Set (1) - 45MX & 52CHC Lenses with Black Frame

NEW!! Pilla Panther X6 Post Set (1) - 2 Lenses with 1 Frame included. (45MX & 52CHC Lenses with Black Frame)

Product Details

45MX – Medium Lighting Max Orange lens engineered to accelerate the resolution of Orange and Pink 600% while enhancing contrast of the target edges. Very vibrant yet relaxing to the eye. Great registration of a black rimmed target and the under belly of a target

52CHC - A red based lens harnessing Chromashift that elevates more contrast across the colour spectrum – This lens is a great medium light option – With more red Pilla have enhanced the original spectral curve of the best selling Ballistx lens in the history of Pilla – the 50R – This new introduction has Chromashift elevating more colour with rich definition in the sight picture.

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