Sporting Targets FITASC 2019 Overall results


This year’s series was run with best four scores from five shoots taking points from the overall High Gun of each shoot. Two days each month from January through to May. The series was well attended and most of the top five in each class shooting all shoots and remaining very close. The overall title was very tight with only one clay between 1st and 2nd and one from 3rd. Steve Brightwell, Mark Stevenson & Nick Hendrick all looking to take top spot, which was decided on the last shoot. All the classes followed the scores through the series with some working out what was needed to clinch the win! Some also dropped away when it slipped out of reach. Cash and cartridge prizes were awarded to the winners of each of the individual shoots, these are the overall and class winners: Thanks go to our sponsors for their generous support: Hull Cartridge Company, CCI & Promatic to the Sporting Targets Team for laying on the competitions and to all those who braved the various weather conditions and shot through with a smile. See you all next year.


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