NiteSite Night

Nitesite Night was hosted by Sporting Targets on the Thursday 29th November, and was the first event of this kind, where a live demonstration took place. This meant that for the first-time people could see both the hand-held and gun-mounted units in action and see what they could do.

Customers were invited to Sporting Targets in Riseley, Bedfordshire, where reps from both NiteSite & Remington had set up displays of their products. This gave people the perfect opportunity to find out about the items from the manufacturers themselves, and ask any questions to the people who know the products inside out.

Sporting Targets is in the perfect location to test such a product, surround by fields and the British countryside the Nitesite products could be demonstrated in the true environment they would be used in. Fox decoys, with reflective eyes were positioned in the surrounding fields, enabling people to experience the true quality and high definition view provided by the NiteSite products. Hand held spotters were available to trial as well as gun mounted models allowing people to get a real feel for what night vision products are available and the usability of them.

The NiteSite night itself was a massive success and we plan on hosting a similar event in the future, the products on show were well received and people were impressed with their functions.

The night was laid back, friendly and informal. Upon arrival people received a warm welcome along with mince pies and mulled wine. They had the opportunity to browse the fully comprehensive shop at Sporting Targets, enjoying some exclusive offers available on the night, and meet reps from both NiteSite and Remington.

A 4x4, loaned by Evans Halshaw Ford of Bedford, collected people from outside the shop to start the real demonstration. Once out in local fields there was the opportunity to trial the hand-held spotter and one of the gun mounted scopes. Previously set up decoys provided by NiteSite were used to show how far the products can magnify the surroundings and how finely they can be focused. These decoys had reflective eyes so once within the range of the ultra violet light they lit up, as a real animal’s eyes would. One was positioned at 100m and another at 200m, showing the power of the products, although some units have a range of 500m. Some people were lucky enough to see hares in the field allowing them to really use the units on a moving target, as oppose to something stationary. The fact that a hand-held spotter and a gun mounted unit were available meant that the uses for the different models could really be shown, and people could appreciate why you may own both.

We received some fantastic feedback from the night and an interest in the NiteSite products has been well and truly sparked. For a short time, we have the gun mounted NiteSite Eagle available for loan, so that you can take it away and use it at home for several days. This is only for a limited time and will be on a first come first basis, but is a brilliant opportunity to try before you buy.