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Catty Shack Target Box & Stand

Product Details

Professional target box and stand. Stand is made from strong 40mm metal tubing, fully collapsible and adjustable. Target height ranges from 4ft 4″ to 6ft 5″. Adjustments are supported by a pin fixing, and also a screw tightener.

The bracket for the target box is made from 25mm metal box section, and has three clipboard clips riveted to the frame; this is for attaching paper targets. The bracket folds flat on a front hinge system with bolts.

The target box itself is 30cm x 40cm, made from a heavy duty nylon weave, much like canvas, and a metal framed outer. Inside the target box are two hanging backstops, fixed to the ceiling of the box by velcro. There are two ways to attach targets to the box, either with the elastic supplied and tied across the front of the box as in the pictures, or hung from two loops inside the box itself. The box also has looped attachments on top also should you wish to hang it anywhere.

This comes with everything supplied, and is assembled with just 6 bolts. There are no assembly instructions, but it’s very simple and self explanatory. All you will need is a crosshead screwdriver and an 8mm spanner if you really want to crank the bolts up tight. Also included in the box are 15 and 30mm targets. A 40mm target is pictured, and these are available on the website, along with 60 or 80mm also.

These boxes are designed for the target shooter, and are more than strong enough to endure a target set up. These are not designed to take heavy lead shot, or large steel balls. Please use appropriate eye protection.

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