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Catty Shack Great White Hunting Band - 1mm

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Product Details

A good powerful hunting band, for ball sizes from 11mm steel, up to 14mm steel at closer ranges.

In further testing, consistent speeds of 249fps were achieved with a 25/20 taper, using 11mm steel balls, and dividing my draw length by 5.2. As the better weather begins, these speeds will only improve! This is not a harsh, stiff band. A very smooth draw for it’s thickness.

To find the correct band length, a good starting point is to divide your draw length by 5. Be aware that in hot weather you may need to decrease this to 4.75 or maybe even less, and in cold weather possibly increase it past 5.2 As the temperature increases, the elasticity of band becomes less, so your active length will generally need lengthening. Similarly as the temperature drops in the winter months, band becomes more stretchy, so to maintain velocity bands are made a little shorter usually. This is the same for every band on the market.