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Browning T-Wrench Choke Key - 12 Gauge

Quality construction and fully tested. Extremely versatile and fast. One size fits 12 gauge Standard Invector, Invector Plus, and Invector-DS choke tubes. This is perhaps the best, most versatile choke tube design ever. One wrench works with any 12 gauge Browning. The T-Wrench allows more torque to be applied with greater leverage. Ideal for chokes that have experienced heavy shooting and that might be a little sticky. Fits Standard Invector, Invector-DS and Invector Plus choke tubes.This is perhaps the most proven and effective choke tube wrench design ever. And the design is proven with every gauge over the years -- but it all started with this design in 12 gauge. One wrench (this wrench) will take care of all your 12 gauge needs, no matter what Browning system your shotgun has.

Product Details

  • Material- Polymer
  • Color- Black
  • Choke- Gauge 12
  • Additional Information- 12 Gauge Invector-DS/Invector Plus/Standard Invector
  • Weight- 4.8 oz