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Bloc Hulk Shooting Glasses 3 Lenses - Putty

With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing, BLOC have now developed a range of glasses specifically designed for shooting. Having been tested to EN166 certification, the BLOC range of shooting glasses more than meets the CPSA requirements, so you can feel secure with the knowledge that your shooting glasses meet the optimum level of protection.

Product Details

Supplied with three interchangeable lenses, orange, violet and grey:

Orange - A high definition Cat.1 lens ideally suited for medium to overcast light conditions. Perfect for blaze targets and enhances colour separation and definition.

Violet - A high definition Cat.2 lens ideally suited to medium and flat light. The light vermilion / violet tint helps with contract against blue and green. It offers excellent definition in low light conditions with acceptable protection when bright. Enhances colour separation and definition.

Grey - Cat.3 lens transmits the full colour spectrum. It does not change the way colours are seen. It is ideally suited for prolonged wearing in bright conditions and for people who have intolerance to colour transformation.


  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens providing excellent protection
  • Optical class 1 lens superior clarity with no optical distortion
  • Maximum UV protection protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • NZZ TR90 frames, one of the strongest frame materials available
  • Adjustable nose piece comfortable soft grip fully adjustable nose pads
  • Adjustable temples mouldable rubber tips for comfort, grip and a perfect fit

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