Sporting Targets Vouchers


Voucher No. 9
Title: – 12 Months Single Membership
No. of Participants – 1
Cost £60
Description:– This is a great present as it will benefit the recipient all year as they enjoy the many benefits of being a member. Most notable advantages are exclusive rates for open practice, lessons and cartridges.
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Voucher No. 10
Title: – 12 Months Joint Membership
No. of Participants – 2
Cost £84
Description:– All the advantages of membership at a bonus rate for couples who reside together.
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Voucher No. 11
Title: – 12 Months Family Membership
No. of Participants – (Two Adults & up to three children of any age)
Cost £100
Description:– We are ideal for a family trip out so why not make it even better value for money by being Family Members.
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