Clay Shooting Full Day

Below is an example itinerary for a clay shooting full day. We do however create a bespoke itinerary for each and every event to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.


Suggested Itinerary

(can be customised to meet your requirements)

9:30amArrive to a warm welcome with limitless tea, coffee and bacon rolls. This provides you with all the energy required to maximise the enjoyment of the morning´s activities.
10:00amWelcome introduction and basic safety briefing. One of our senior coaches will introduce you to your instructors for the day, announce the teams (your decision or we can do it for you), discuss basic safety and issue everyone with ear defenders.
10:10amYour group, escorted by our highly experienced instructor, will progress to one of our many layouts. With your shotgun “in hand” the instructor will show you how to stand and mount the gun correctly. In a very short period of time you will have learnt sufficient to “dust” your first clay − a truly exhilarating experience. From this point on you will progress around the complex mastering different targets and disciplines.
12:30pmAll groups return to the “All Seasons” Restaurant for a four−course gourmet dinner that will satisfy even the most hearty of appetites. We can cater for vegetarians and our highly experienced chefs have produced a menu fit for royalty.
1:30pmHaving rejuvenated yourself, it´s back to the clay shooting complex for the competition. This can be arranged on an individual, group or departmental basis, as you wish and will determine the top shooters of the day. Specific competition layouts can be arranged beforehand and may incorporate challenging “tower” targets, fast crossers or bouncing rabbits (not real ones!).
4:00pmAs a finalé to the day, we can provide a fast and fun flurry. A barrage of targets are thrown at a team of guns who have to work fast and together as a team to “dust” all the targets. This is an activity like no other which brings amazement to the most experienced of hospitality guests.
5:00pmWith the activities completed, it´s back to the Shooting Lodge where we can finally open the bar (shooting and alcohol do not mix). It is also time for the prize presentation where accolades are lavished on the winners and humour abounds when the wooden spoon is announced (if appropriate).

Guests are welcome to stay and enjoy our hospitality into the evening.

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