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Pilla Panther X6

Pilla performance eye protection is worn by 90% of the top clay shooters in the world today. The ZEISS lens provides them with the clearest image possible.

The key to Pilla’s lens technology is based on regulation of the correct amount of light into the eye while providing high definition colour enhancements for the maximum visual registration.

When too much light enters the human eye it will have a tendency to squint this creates fatigue and lack of ability to focus on the clay target.They have created a range of lens solutions for various backgrounds and lighting conditions giving the shooter a clear advantage.

Pilla Panther X6 and X7

The Panther X6 is the result of collaboration between Pilla and multiple world champion George Digweed MBE and with World Champion Max Michel on the X7. Pilla engineered the first generation of this frame system back in 2001. They have constantly developed their eyewear and in 2013 introduced the X series we have today.

The Pilla X system allow lens changing with out having to touch the lens and thus avoiding finger print, helping to keep the lenses clean. This is the patented Pilla “snap-tec” system.


Pilla Outlaw X7

The X7 is the latest addition to the Panther range. The profile of the lens is slightly shorter allowing the shooter to get lower and deeper onto the stock. Like the X6, Pilla utilise their “snap-tec” system for changing lenses.

Both X6 and X7 can use the “post system” to take prescription leses.


Pilla Panther X7

Pilla Outlaw X Series

The X Series uses ZEISS VIVX lenses and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument. The shooter is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual distuption. Pilla have developed a counter balance system so there is little felt weight on the bridge of the nose.

Wach lens has a rubber sweat bar to hold the lens off the forehead to prefent sumdging on the inside of the lens.

As with the panther series it iws possible to have prescription Inserts


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