Stag & Hen Parties

Make your stag party an unforgettable event

Stag Party clay pigeon shooting activities in Bedford, Bedfordshire.Clay Shooting Activities

“It’s what we’re famous for”

Are your prospective in−laws stressing you out? Trying to take over? Handing over enough cash? – Then imagine their face on a clay target and blast it to pieces with true malice! High excitement, a sense of great achievement and lots of noise and smoke – what more could you want?

Stag Party 4x4 off road driving in Bedfordshire.

4×4 Off Road Driving Activities

“For the ups and downs of married life”

Designed especially for the inexperienced this course will still deliver plenty of thrills and gasps of amazement – even from the bravest of stags! Steep hills, deep troughs and an unremitting feeling of going round in circles should prepare you well for married life!


Stag Party quad bike riding at sporting targets Bedford, Bedfordshire.

Quad Bike Activities

“Marriage is like an assault course…”

An activity of two halves! You start by enjoying the highs & lows of our assault course. With see−saws, steps, ramps and even our chain bridge to conquer – your tennis ball has to stay in its tray – not even married and you´ve already got a ball & chain! Once released – it´s on to the nature trail for a bit of a blast. Through the trees and around the brambles and shrubbery for some well earnt freedom!

Stag Party archery activities at sporting targets in Bedford, Bedfordshire.

Archery Activities

“A chance to be Robin Hood”

What takes a keen eye, a steady nerve and an ability to ignore all your mates´ remarks? Archery of course – not marriage! If you want to “hit the bull” then you need loads of practice, a firm grip and faultless accuracy. Our 30 ft range uses 18lb bows that are easy to pull but wickedly accurate so success should be easy!

Stag Party air rifle activities in Bedford, Bedfordshire.Air Rifle Activities

“For would be assassins”

A gentle squeeze of the trigger is all takes for complete satisfaction! Get your target within sight, apply a gentle pressure from your finger and loose off a shot without a moments hesitation. Perfect advice for how to shoot an air rifle!

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