Clay Pigeon Shooting Activities

Clay Pigeon Shooting and fun packed activities!

Clay Shooting ActivitiesAs one of the largest and best equipped clay shooting clubs in the country we are ideally suited to host your clay shooting event and corporate activities.

There is little to equal the excitement and sense of achievement of breaking your first clay and people almost always achieve more than they expect, going a long way to making this an activity to remember.

Highly trained shooting instructors

Our highly trained shooting instructors will help each of your guests with their gun mount and shooting stance to ensure that they hit the target. Our attention to detail, and customer service will make sure that your guests will remember this experience forever.

We tailor our events to suit the guests skill level so that beginners to shooting can break some clays while more experienced shots will be challenged a little more. We have a huge variety of different targets to master so there really is something to suit everyone.

For Clay Pigeon Shooting and corporate activities: