Clay Pigeon Shooting

With the combination of over 36 acres of countryside and over 24 years experience, Sporting Targets is one of the largest and best clay shooting clubs in the country.

To ensure you have the best experience every time you visit us we have only the best facilities for you to use. With over 900 members you can be sure to have a friendly and warming environment to greet you every time you shoot with us.

Sporting Targets is within easy access of:

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Why Choose Us For Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Whether you are a professional shooter or if you have never picked up a gun before we have the expertise and facilities to make sure you have a safe and fun experience. We also have great hospitality along with excellent conference facilities and first class food and drink.

We have a huge variety of different targets to master so there really is something to suit everyone.. All of our events are tailored to suit the guests skill level so that beginners to shooting can break some clays while more experienced shooters will be challenged a little more.

All of our activities combined with our friendly warming environment guarantees an exciting and memorable experience with us every time you visit!

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