Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons Stevenage

At Sporting Targets we provide clay pigeon shooting lessons near Stevenage for both new shooters and more accomplished shooters. Based near Stevenage, we are one of the largest shooting clubs in the country. So where better to go to find clay pigeon shooting lessons than Sporting Targets!

Are You New to Shooting?

Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons StevenageIf you’re new to clay pigeon shooting or want to take up the sport as a hobby, it can be quite daunting getting started. It is important to get to grips with the basics of shooting, from gun safety through how to stand when shooting, how to read and understand different types of targets etc. Gun safety is especially important to those new to the hobby, which is why you’ll need supervision.

Our instructors are all highly qualified to teach all levels of shooter, so from the moment you first handle a gun you will be safe, confident and well versed in the basics of shooting that every shooter needs to know. Our grounds near Stevenage is the perfect place to learn. We have many different types of clay target to shoot at and each one requires a different understanding in order to master it. We can teach you this at Sporting Targets near Stevenage.

As you progress you will be taught the different techniques to deal with and hit many different target types.

Click here to watch our – New Shooter Experience video and find out what your lessons will be like.

More Experienced Shooters

We also hold clay pigeon shooting lessons for more experienced shooters to keep on top of their game. Our highly qualified instructors can teach all experience levels. So be assured, as an experienced shooter, you will receive the best training available. Our grounds are just a short drive from Stevenage and we have some of the best shooting facilities in the country!

If you are an experienced shooter, looking for somewhere for clay pigeon shooting training near Stevenage, then contact us today.

For Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons near Stevenage

Sporting Targets is based near Stevenage. So if you are looking for lessons near Stevenage then contact us today! Please click here for our current prices.