Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

Clay Pigeon Shooting TuitionClay Pigeon Lessons is not just for novices as there are any number of reasons why people require lessons. We insist on tutors for novices so that not only is their safety (and others) assured but also so that they can quickly achieve their potential without picking up bad habits or struggling to overcome a problem they do not even know they have.

Clay Pigeon Lessons for Regular Shooters

Many regular shooters, whether they shoot clay targets or game, benefit from occasional lessons. A combination of a fresh pair of eyes and a professional opinion regularly helps shooters attain that extra few targets or maximise the enjoyment of a day in the field.

Game shooters in particular should seriously consider a “pre-season” brush up with an hour or two of instruction to ensure they start the season at their best, not struggling to find form on the first few shoots of the season.

Lessons can also be arranged for game shooters “on the peg” throughout the UK. Please apply for costs.

Shooting Lessons for New Shooters

Novice Clay Pigeon Shooting TuitionIf you’re new to clay pigeon shooting or want to take up the sport as a hobby, it can be quite daunting getting started. Like many hobbies, you need to get to grips with the basics of shooting, from gun safety (obviously a priority) through how to stand when shooting, how to read and understand different types of targets etc.

Our instructors are all highly qualified to teach all levels of shooter, so from the moment you first handle a gun you will be safe, confident and well versed in the basics of shooting that every shooter needs to know. There are different types of clay target for us to shoot at, and each one requires a different understanding in order to master it.

For example, a ‘Rabbit’ clay target running along the ground requires a totally different technique to a ‘Teal’ which goes straight up in the air….. as you progress you will be taught the different techniques to deal with and hit many different target types.

We are based in Riseley, Bedfordshire. Just a short drive from Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Luton, Northamptonshire, Stevenage and more!

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