Air Rifle and Cylinder Refills

Air Rifle and Cylinder Refills

Ai Rifle Refills

Sporting Targets Compressor

Here at Sporting Targets we can refill your PCP Air Rifle and Cylinder.

If you require your cylinder to be filled please check to make sure that it is in date and compliant, if not we will not be able to fill it for you.

Our compressor will refill to 300 PSI, should your cylinder permit.

We can also recharge your PCP air rifle, it is always a good idea to bring along your “adaptor” with your gun, we do carry several, but in case we do not have the appropriate one for your gun.

In addition to providing air rifle and cylinder refills, we also sell a variety of break barrel, under lever and PCP air rifles. If we don’t have what you require we can order them in for you

We have a wide range of accessories from scopes to pellets as well as a mail order service.

We also carry a stock of cylinders, that are already charged.

Please call for more details 01234 708893


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