Meet The Team

Who’s Who at Sporting Targets:

Ian Clifton

Ian Clifton – Chairman

Ian is our Chairman and is very much the life and soul of the party and can be found in the clubhouse welcoming guests, making them feel at home, Ian enjoys nothing more than a friendly chat and always has a smile and a coffee for you! Ian was a keen recreational clay and game shooter, he started and ran a small “members” clay club on the farm which ran for some 25 years prior to Sporting Targets. Ian also had a “Farm” shoot inviting friends, family and neighbours to enjoy his hospitality both in the field and in the house. Ian is the local Borough councillor, a position he has enjoyed since 1994 and attends many meetings each week serving the views of his parishes. In his time in office he has chaired many panels and was Deputy Major of Bedford.

juneJune Clifton – Director

Slightly more elusive, June manages the kitchens and is responsible for the copious amounts of first class fayre consumed on a daily basis. She has a unique sense of humour.

Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton – Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Andrew is responsible for the smooth running of the whole complex from clubhouse, to events and everything in-between, he oversees the ground, sales and marketing, shop and clubhouse teams. Andrew came up with the idea of Sporting Targets along with Ian and June, once all the planning and building the complex was opened in 1990. Andrew has expanded Sporting Targets since opening, adding many new shooting stands, extra activities, expanding the clubhouse and building the Shop. Andrew is a keen shot and enjoys all aspects of shotgun shooting and was introduced by his father, Ian, at a very early age. His main interest in clay shooting are the disciplines of English & FITASC Sporting. He competes regularly all around the country and attends all the major Sporting & FITASC competitions that time will allow! Andrew is a qualified sporting and FITASC referee which keeps him up to date with the rules. He has represented Bedfordshire on many occasions in these disciplines.

AngelaBAngela Simpson – Head Receptionist

Angela has been a part of the team at Sporting Targets since 2002 and oversees the smooth running of the reception area. She can be approached with any of your queries regarding lessons, memberships, vouchers, competitions and much more, so if you have a question Angela will have the answer Angela enjoys getting to know people and always enjoys a chat. Along with the other reception girls, she will welcome you in with a smile and a coffee and will always go the extra mile to make your visit an enjoyable one.


Joanne Sporting Targets Reception

Joanna – Receptionist

Jo works Sunday through Wednesday , she is likely to have a secret stash of sweets behind the counter. Jo comes from the retail world and understands good customer relations; always with a big smile Jo is happy to help you enjoy your visit.

Kay2Kay – Receptionist and Shop Team Member

Kay is a happy friendly character who will always ensure that your visit is a positive one. She can be found on reception, in the kitchen as well as in the shop, Thursdays through to Sundays with the odd day in between.

Kay is a qualified FITASC Referee

Steve Matcham

Steve Matcham – Shop Team

Steve is an Instructor and although he is available for lessons he can more often be found advising and assisting customers in the shop using his extensive knowledge in both Game and Clay Fields. Steve started his interest at an early age of 5 and as such has a vast experience, he is an avid rifleman and deer stalker. Steve is a qualified BASC coach and is as happy teaching with a side by side as he is an under and over. Steve has worked previously in the retail sector and joined the company in 1999. Steve is a qualified first aider for the company.


David Ferriman

David Ferriman – ShopTeam

David is one of Bedfordshire’s most accomplished shooters and recently qualified as a CPSA Instructor.  David works in the shop  and is always keen to help in whatever manner possible, he is enthusiastic shot who loves clay and game alike.

David is also a qualified CPSA Instructor

Sally TaylorSally Wootton – Instructor

Sally has been a regular face here for a number years, in the shop, as a part time instructor and referee. Sally is fully CPSA qualified with knowledge in both clay and game shooting.



Ian Jones

Ian Jones – Shop Team & Instructor

Ian Jones is a highly qualified Shooting Instructor with a proven track record in training shooters of all ages. As well as being a CPSA Club Coach, CPSA Academy Coach, Level 2 Sporting Coach and a qualified Safety Officer he was also one of the first people in the UK ever to be awarded the Accredited Shot Coach qualification. He passed the exams on the first day they they were ever held. Over the years Ian has successfully trained hundreds of beginners including many youngsters. He also has a proven track record with Shooters of all abilities including improvers up to the competitive levels. He has a relaxed but highly professional style, and can take the novice from absolute zero to high levels of competence. Ian is also an experienced Game shot, and an ICSI qualified Game Shoot Loader,  which enables him to give focused lessons for those wishing to improve of that aspect of their shooting. Alongside his Shotgun teaching skills Ian is a keen Archer and is a member of the Bowmen of Rutland. He will help you to get the best out of your Archery experience at Sporting Targets.

Tess Ferriman

Tess – Corporate Sales and Events Manager

Tess’s role is to manage corporate, charity and group events, taking it from the initial enquiry through to the event itself and beyond. She makes sure that the event is run smoothly and that the customer and their guests have a day to remember, not only full of fun and banter but for some, learning a whole new sport.  Tess lives locally with her children Sophie and David (who works in the shop). She enjoys horse riding, walking the dogs and is a keen novice clay shooter.


John – Corporate Development Manager

John´s key objective is to develop business to business relationships, with booking agencies and local firms, often found deep in thought reading contracts. John also does marketing for the club, such as advertising managing Facebook and the various websites that we use to promote the club. John is a CPSA Qualified Instructor and CPSA Acadamy Coach as well as being a CPSA Safety Officer. John is a qualified Referee in English Sporting, Sportrap, Skeet, Skeet Doubles and FITASC, if you have any queries about rules on any of these disciplines, John takes pride in keeping himself up to date. John is also a keen photographer and does the majority of the photography around the ground as well as the pictures you see here, excepting his own.

 TyeTyrone Clark

Known as Tye, Tye works the ground and traps, as likely as not, if you have a problem on the ground he will be the man to fix it. Tye has worked on the ground on a part time basis for a number of years and has now become a permanent member of staff

Tyrone is a qualified English Sporting, Sportrap and FITASC Referee

Mark Root

Our newest team member on the grounds. Mark has many years experience maintaining grounds and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in this area. He is a friendly happy guy who will ensure that the grounds runs as smoothly as possible.

Pat Bird

Pat Bird – Maintenance

Pat is the man that you call for when something doesn’’t work, he is normally first on the scene with spanner or screwdriver and has a vast knowledge of everything mechanical, he is always ready to listen to any issue that may occur and won’t let any problem beat him, Pat has been with Sporting Targets since 2003 and nothing has to date!!. Pat loves a spot of friendly competition and seems to be as happy shooting left or right handed, he is happy shooting clay or game and his social manner makes him a joy to have on any day.

Dave HarradineDavid Harradine – Maintenance

David arrived at Sporting Targets to help out with the odd maintenance job here and there, that was in 2010 and he is still here! Many of the new stands both open and covered have been built by David mainly on the “Plantation and Embankment”. When David left school he worked as a “Gamekeeper” (which is why he is more commonly known as “Seth”) and he still runs his own local shooting syndicate, David is a keen shot of both Clay and Game and relishes any shooting challenge. Away from Sporting Targets David’s interests are buying and selling collectables, watching horse racing and supporting his football team West Ham.

John CooperJohn Cooper – Grounds Maintenance

John comes to us straight from full time education and helps Tye and Mark with the smooth running of the ground, his main responsibilities being ground appearance, making sure the traps remain topped up with clays and that everything is operational and the ground smart and tidy. You will also find John refereeing club competitions from time to time and is always keen to help. John also enjoys playing Bowls and has represented Northamptonshire for the past three years in the under twenty five squad



HelanaBHelina Korda

Halina can be seen rushing around ensuring everything is spick and span, often humming her little tunes as she goes.  A dab hand in the kitchen during the breakfast and lunch rush!  Halina is a bubbly lady and will always see that everyone has what they need and wears a big smile for all.

TimmyBrakenRupert1Timmy, Bracken & Rupert

Timmy, Bracken and Rupert are the club´s mascots and are always on hand should guests feel the need to provide a bit of fuss and attention, they don’t say no to the odd treat either!